In an increasingly dynamic and international business environment, it is becoming more and more difficult to hold your ground in the market against competitors. Over the long term, strategic decisions can be at the cost of a company’s financial strength. Further unfavorable external influential factors can lead a company into a crisis situation. Short-term and uncoordinated initiatives to combat the crisis carry the risk of further damaging the substance of the company. That requires the company to adapt more rapidly to current conditions by means of an holistic approach without losing sight of a successful future in the process.

In order to navigate through the turbulence and make the company profitable again, sustainable restructuring is required in most cases.


Typical areas to tackle are
  • Liquidity shortages
  • Long and complicated core processes
  • Excessive material costs
  • Inefficient organizational structures


Competencies of candidus
  • We help you to gain transparency and develop liquidity management and a planning tool that provides accurate data on a daily basis
  • For strategic restructuring, we establish a program to increase margins and revenue.
  • We assist you in optimizing (core) processes as well as “rightsizing” organizational structures
  • In addition, we control turnaround as a whole for you.



Select references
Manufacturer of weighing systems

Company-wide cost reduction initiatives with reorganization
General results:

  • Reduction of observed personnel costs by 15 %
  • Drop in material overhead by 12%
  • Implementation of market-oriented organization
Manufacturer of special chemicals

Restructuring program with interim management for a business unit
General results:

  • Successful restructuring of the business area
  • Handover of the area to a new supervisor
  • Sales preparation
Rail industry supplier

Restructuring concept as well as coaching during coaching the turnaround phase
General results:

  • Stabilizing operations (quality, delivery performance, avoiding contractual penalties)
  • Returning the company back to the profit zone after a period of 18 months
  • Introduction of a new marketable organization
Automotive supplier

Cost reduction program and reorganization
General results:

  • 20% decrease in inventory
  • Cost reduction in the area of production of around 15 % by implementing lean management
  • Increase in productivity in the manufacturing by 25%
Food manufacturer

Performance improvement by implementing an OPEX initiative across all locations
General results:

  • 0% decrease in inventory
  • Cost reduction between 10-15 % for the locations concerned
  • Significant improvement of delivery reliability and capacity in addition to quality