We do not bank on universal solutions. We do not rely on consultant clichés. We bank on solutions for your company that have been customized on an individual basis, having been devised and implemented together with your management team.

We have extensive experience with both medium-sized companies and big corporations. We are intrigued by the challenge – irrespective of a company’s size.

We would be pleased to present our approaches in a concise and clear manner, whether it be as a PowerPoint presentation or on a flip chart. It is not until then that the actual work is initiated the way we see it and in the way our long-standing customers value it.

We remain at your side when implementing the solutions found, hands-on from start to finish. This is because pretty slides are still far from an effective implementation. We are consultants from the bottom of our hearts and souls. We would like to talk with you and your team. Direct, cooperative, and pragmatic. Gain insight, find solutions, and act accordingly – together for your company.

We would like to make success happen. Yours. Only then will it be our own.





We aim at decisive progress and verifiable results for our customers. This is the standard that we are ready to measure up to.

We integrate the conceptual demand of top-management consultants with a strong focus on implementation. Longstanding and internationally experienced consultants with sound industrial expertise and knowledge of methodologies work out impressive solutions together with your management.

Our projects follow a clear set of structures that ensure project success::

1. Quick scan & conception phase

  • Analysis of the current situation and working out the problem areas
  • Definition of goals along with setting objectives
  • Creation of an individual concept and timetable for measures to be taken

2. Specification and implementation phase

  • Fine-tuning of action taken at the working level
  • Joint implementation of the concept
  • Ensuring sustainability

We see ourselves as your company’s partner and also support you in implementing the concepts we have devised on mutual ground through coaching and change management. In this way, we ensure that all members of staff are involved in implementing the concepts providing for sustainability of the project as a result.