Many companies face the challenge of being successful in light of continuously increasing competition concerning time and costs. In the case of a complex system, which a company is, all elements must be aligned with one another like clockwork in a very pragmatic and result-oriented manner. It is only in this way that sustainable further development can be achieved.


“Operational excellence” relies on exactly this systematic thinking of a business and is an all-round approach to optimizing the entire order-to-cash process. Best-practice companies supply the market quickly and reliably with high-quality products and services in addition to being profitable while committing a reasonable amount of capital in the process. Hence, they ensure their future on the basis of satisfied customers and a competent team.


Typical issues are
  • Insufficient productivity and high production costs
  • Long lead times and disproportionate time to market
  • Low level of delivery reliability despite high level of inventory
  • Variety of complaints and quality defects


Competencies of candidus
  • Devising an individual concept of your future value chain system – aligned toward your goals
  • Consistent implementation of arranged measures and goals by using our method building blocks (TQM, lean management, Theory of Constraints, REFA, and much more)
  • Sustainable project success by setting up an iterative reporting system with relevant KPIs






Select references
Cable industry

Global supply chain excellence project
General results:

  • Drop in error ratio by 50 % within four weeks time
  • Reduction in hourly wage by 25 %
  • Do without an entire warehouse through layout optimization
  • Significant increase in productivity
Automotive supplier

Operational excellence project with an emphasis on lowering inventory and product availability
Wesentliche Ergebnisse:

  • Increase in product availability by 1.4 %
  • Drop in inventory by 27 %
  • Improvement of reliability as a supplier: better competitiveness
  • Drop in logistics and transport costs by outsourcing