In addition to rigorous implementation measures, in order to sustainable instigate improvement in the company, framework conditions for a far reaching change process have to be established. Frequently, structures have to be broken down along with introducing a change in perspective – otherwise, even the best ideas on paper do not achieve the desired implementation results. In addition, this requires a professional approach: Communication, training, further development and employee motivation, early involvement of important stakeholders and, above all, management strength are among the most influential factors.

Coaching & change management is a core duty of modern executive management. Besides this, this includes identifying talented employees, putting them in the right position, supporting them, verifying team processes, recognizing conflicts in a timely manner, and creating flexible solutions. This is a crucial requirement for successful transformation measures.

Therefore, it is an integral part of consulting philosophy to offer coaching and change management in addition to your consulting skill and incorporate them into our work as consultants. We are convinced that only by considering both of these “disciplines” can you ensure successful implementation. Therefore, a variety of our consultants have related coaching and change management educations. Furthermore, we work together with specially changed coaches and experts.

Our approach is to first carry out a systematic analysis of the situation as well as framework conditions. After that, customized measures will be devised deemed necessary to achieve objectives. Individual coaching is sensible for any executive whose responsibility is growing or whose function is changing – irrespective of which level the executive is at in the hierarchy.


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An overview of our range of services in the field of coaching and change management:
  • Individual coaching: to reflect and improve your demeanor, your attitude and your behavior as an executive
  • Team coaching: improving the quality of employee and team management as well as change processes in the team
  • Change management in consulting projects: supporting change management program in consulting projects in order to ensure the implementation of measures, as well as sustainability